De Molenwiek: the Dutch school
in Metro Atlanta

Education in Dutch language and culture

The school

De Molenwiek, the Dutch school in Metro Atlanta, offers education in Dutch language and culture (Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur, or NTC) to Dutch and Flemish children between the ages of 2 and 18.

The program consist of 38 weeks of 2,5 hour lessons and 4 cultural events which are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The classes are taught by qualified teachers, and the curriculum is based on the teaching methods used in Dutch elementary and high schools.

In addition to the 2,5 hour classes the students will get a homework assignment every week. De Molenwiek has a large library with a lot of fun and recent books for the students to take home and read.

Because our NTC-education is a supplement to the American school system, de Molenwiek’s hours are limited to after regular school times and the weekend. Last but not least we are governed and supported by the Dutch Board of Education / Stichting NOB – ‘Dutch Educaion Abroad’.

We are also providing classes for Adults who want to learn Dutch. Some prior knowledge of the Dutch language is required. The students meet at our location in Roswell, and are divided into groups based on their age and proficiency in Dutch. All groups are led by a qualified teacher and (if necessary a teacher’s aide). We strive for 1 teacher/teacher’s
aide per 6 children and usually require a minimum of 4 students per group.


St. Davids Episcopal Church 
1015 Old Roswell Rd., Roswell, GA 30076

Groups, times and days

  • Peutergroep; for children 2-4 years old meet on Friday morning from
  • Groep 1 – 8 meets on Tuesday afternoon between 3:45-6:15pm
  • Groep 8 for middle school students meets on Saturday morning between
  • High school students meet every other week on Tuesday from 4:00-
  • Adult classes are held on Tuesday mornings between 9:30-11:30am.


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Jiska van Ede – Director
404-542- 1293